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Welcome to Impressionista Images.   My passion is people and capturing their individuality, on their own or with their families & friends.  I love informal, fun images that show who you are.   Corporate Profiles too  can be taken to allow your personality to shine through.  Scroll through the navigation headings at the top of the page to see a preview of my work and all the information that you'll need to make your booking.  

I'll soon be adding ecommerce to the site, and some of the images will be available for purchase.


"Claire at Impressionista Images is a master at her craft - she captures the finer nuances and subtleties of interpersonal relationships on film.   She puts her subjects at ease and achieves remarkable results".  MS.


Impressionista Claire Gordon

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember.  In a world where life moves at such a fast pace, to be able to stop and capture moments that are precious is so important.   I have personal photographs of family members that are no longer with us.   Words cannot describe how much those images mean to me.  Capture moments while you can, print them and hold that  lasting impression.  My point of difference?   I care!  I have also worked as a Counsellor for many years, this empathy is part of what helps me capture the 'real' you!

My other photography business 'Flash Gordon Photography'  is divided between Event Photography, covering Theatre, Dance, Music, Festivals, and Sports & Corporate Events.   Impressionista Images now provides an avenue for my portraiture and personal work.

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Families ....

So many of my clients come to me because they either just don't have a family photograph or haven't had one for years.    Often I am asked to photograph elderly parents - as we get older our character really shows in our face and these photos are cherished by the families.  

My prices include prints - this is not about hidden memories!   Not only do I want you to love your images, but to value them too - so I include a minimum of 4 prints in all of my pricing packages.

Prices start at $220 per sitting, to include prints.   Please see Studio Info for more information.

Please see my other website for Event Photography, click the button above.