How Much??

How long is a piece of string? Seriously, because I cover ‘shoots’ that range from Festivals, Theatre, Music & Dance to Family Portraits, Business Profiles, Corporate Offices & Images, on location or in studio my charges are calculated dependant upon the individual job - and often tailored to suit your budget.

Equipment vs Experience

It’s not just the equipment that you have but your expertise in using it, in judging the situation, the lighting and meeting the needs of your clients. Obviously good ‘gear’ makes a real difference - particularly when shooting low light or fast action situations. I use Nikon full frame and Fuji mirrorless. The latter enables me to work silently when photographing, for example, an International Piano Competition, a moving dance piece, or the ‘build-up’ in an orchestral piece - enabling me to capture the ‘moments’ without disturbing either the performers or the audience. For my studio work I use top quality lighting - Profoto, which is also portable. The cost of good gear can be prohibitive and it never stops! I have a number of backdrops plus a green screen. My latest acquisition is a professional gimbal to enable smooth video recording. Over the years I have gathered a lot of experience! Out ‘in the field’ my reaction skills are still pretty good, as is my ‘eye’ - I also love using lighting, both natural and studio - and being a Counsellor, I like to think I can read people well enough to both meet their needs and help them enjoy their photographic experience.

So How Much?

My hourly rate is between $150 and $250, plus travel if on location. A half day rate or day rate is usually ‘discounted’ . I love where I live and I do my best to support community events by providing great discounts!

If you have a budget in mind then please give me a call and we can talk about how we can work around your budget in a way that we are both satisfied!

Images are usually delivered via dropbox in low resolution for social media and high resolution for printing. I can also provide printed packages and again, these are tailored to your needs and budget.